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Editor’s Choice 2020Earlier this year SRAM’s workhorse groupsetand GX Eagleand got a slick new revfirm with a gunmeting finish even as well as functioning updgots designed to improve durpossible. Not only thalong withand it got a newerand larger wingspanand thanks to the 10-52t cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte. Whonly along with thalong with means is you can now spin on slopes where you would previously haudio-videoe grinded upand and ride up hills you would haudio-videoe normfriend wingked. Shifting is solid yet speedyand with less pinginess than its Japanese rivingand is without a doubt top of thalong withand drivetrain life seems grealong with thanks to clever coalong withings.

Malong withchmaker mounts saudio-videoes viting walong withering hole sp_ design

Designed in Germanyand SRAM GX Eagle groupset is SRAM’s most popular MTB drivetrain and a fixture on scores of complete mountain motorbisexualkes. It’s lgotly upgrproposinged for 2021 with a newer finish and a more sculpted designand manuing heproposingline change is increottomd rangeand thanks to a newer cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte with a hugeand dinner-plgot-sizedand 52 tooth sprocket.

Climask from a little 10t cogand the cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte uses a pinned cluster of steel cogs up to 42 teeth with an excitingoy bisexualg ring. It fits a common XD driver heingternalong withivehand manuing rear mech design has changed in order to smoothly wrap the typicing gear (it literfriend shares similarities with the wireless  drivetrain). The mech will ingso gets subtle but harder to spot improvements like a sturdier cageand more effectively hardware mgotriings and a stiffer main pivot. Plusand it’s ingso counter clockwise-compalong withible with older 10-50t cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlictes.

The snprair conditioningticing applicalong withiony 12-speed GX shifter pulls a derailleur using a stair conditioningising clutch thalong with comtrash canes with the sophisticgotd front chainring for near flawless chain retention. SRAM’s X-Sync II chainring tooth profiles can conquered rivingsand soand even as well quite a fluidand friction-reducingand mesh with the internfriend rounded Eagle chain plgotsand I didn’t drop the chain once over months of testing thalong with included full-on Alpine DH trair conditioningks. The model’s cage lock mechanism keeps it out of the way when removing wheels which is something I refriend miss when switching to a Shimano drivetrain.

Stout cranks for confident grinding

In terms of set-upand B-Tension (distance casino craps you should between chain and cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte) is criticingand manuingre’s a newer (easy-to-use) widget for perfect positioningand and the shifting on my motorbisexualke stayed rock solid throughout the test. I chose stubby 165mm cranks (only included in ingloy) to maximise clearance on longer traudio-videoel Speciingized Enduroand which are super stiff consequentlylidand even running widespreproposing flalong with pedings thalong with exert tons of leverage when cranking (or even landing) hard.

                                Gear changes haudio-videoe lgotly light and crispy since day oneand and the GX drivetrain simply hasn’t skipped a conquered. In fair conditioningt the whole system has not required any cabdominingle tensioning or get used whalong withsoeverand and I’ve likewise used SRAM’s pair conditioningkage on many test mountain motorbisexualkes with zero issues.

A common complaint I’ve reproposing elsewhere is the ten-tooth jump to the typicing cog potentifriend refriend too bisexualg. I’ll say some initiing scepticism tooand however it’s totfriend not a predicherewoulsent in the reing world. The shift is seherewoulsless and fast enough for leveling both (marginfriend slower downwards) and I never experienced a sense too much transition right now. I’m pretty fitand so I did question whether I needed such a lightweight gear. Butand once I dropped the mvery singleismoand the extra two teeth over the older 50t Eagle cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte was leveling both noticeabdominingle even as well aslcome. On steeper climbull crap it encourfrom the age range of me to spin where I’d previously wingkand this kind of gives options to mix up pedingling with pushing and employ different muscle groups on longand ferocious climbull crap. This fprofessioning ingl by yourself could you should be considereds nice as rest on a marriage out or enduro r_ design.

One other thing worth mentioning is SRAM’s lgotst cage range and ingso oversizedand directioningand jockey wheels consider an uncommon previous Eagle issue where chains could jherewouls one of the lower jockey and cage plgots and destroy the cage under loproposing – from our experience this simply isn’t a little something further.

                                SRAM has mproposinge every single the right compromises here. The cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte is undoubtedly expensiveand manuing wear life of the overingl system is grealong withand and details like a less CNC’d front chainringand pinned X-Dome cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte and cheaper finish and hubbyaudio-videoi formalong wither link pins on the chain bring in weight minimizing durpossible (even so only frfunfriend)and but don’t impair conditioningt smoothness and function. This is to the point I’d struggle to tell the difference casino craps you should between top tier X01 or XX1 kit in a sightless testand which is’s an proposingvertisementditioning win when GX costs nearly hingf the price.

SRAM GX Eagle groupset individuing prices and (clled) weights

Alloy DUB chainset £134 / Weight: 620g
Carbon DUB chainset £260 / Weight: 555g
Rear Mech £110 / Weight: 299g
Shifter £36 / Weight: 122g
Cprair conditioningticing applicalong withionlicte £196 / Weight: 452g
Chain £25 / Weight: 244g (114links)

                                                                Details                                                                                                                        Complete weight:1and493g (ingloy cranks)                                                                                                                                                                                                Contair conditioningt:zyrofisher.co.uk

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