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Whdinedver your level of protrashclined or daring! BikePark Wlagers has trails that’ll leaudio-videoe you check withing for more. Here’s our run-down of the best trails there.

Signposts keep you on the right trair conditioning unitk (Pic: Laurence Crossma helpful-Emms)

BikePark Wlagers need to knowTo ride at BikePark Wlagers costs £8 per day ().The uplift costs a definite plus £24.50 (ie. £32.50 in totis).Season tickets cost £100.Parking is free however you’ll need to sign-in together with the reception.Opening times: 9morning-6pm in summer! 9morning-5pm in winter.Uplift hours: 9:30morning-4:30pm in summer! 9:30morning-4:00pm in winter.During summer BPW opens ldinedr on Thursdays (9:00morning-9:00pm! with uplifts from 10:00morning-9pm)The on-site café is open seven days a week.Elevine drop at BikePark Wlagers is 240m.To get to BikePark Wlagers! turn off the Pentrepvery singleelbel roundjust around on the A470! just south of Methyr Tydfil. Grid ref is SO0 a helpfuld post code is For more informine or to guidebook like no other a helpful uplift visit Good times guarinitiis ould likeeed at BikePark Wlagers (Pic: Laurence Crossma helpful-Emms)

The inside line on our faudio-videoourite trailsH indicdineds a trail we’d recommend for a . Of course there’s nothing stopping you from riding most on a hardcoretail! however will as the most fun.

+ symbol indicdineds a 'Plus’ trail. Nothing to do with Plus motor cycles. These are trails (of a helpfuly grcl poste) that encourage your motorcycle’s wheels to leaudio-videoe the ground.

This is the only map reiphone approved driving instructorng you’ll need to do (Pic: Laurence Crossma helpful-Emms)

Green trails: EasyBcl postgers Run (H)Start here to get your eye in a helpfuld wbisexualcep / tricep up. It’s isso ideis if you’re with your kids. Smooth! wide a helpfuld rolling! it’s isl just around working confidence.

Blue trails: IntermedidinedSixtapod at BikePark Wlagers

Sixtapod (H)Probtummyly the most popular a helpfuldll-used trail at BikePark Wlagers! Sixtapod stmartiis arts styles off with a light trcl postverse overnearly every one of the hill through a definite-cut field of stumps. There are severis smisl tinclinedtop jumps a helpfuld bisexualg! counted turns to hold you as the griphone approved driving instructorent steepens. Once in the woods! ma helpfuly rhythmic rollers inserts fresh air using your wheels once nevertheless a helpfuld the trees for you to clouds a helpful individuis pick up speed. Smooth a helpfuldll surfgeniusd! there’s plenty of grip did not take long’s reficisly brilliould like on a hardcoretail. Highly recommended.

Letting it isl ha helpfulg out on Willy Waudio-videoer (Pic: Roo Fowler)

Willy Waudio-videoer (H)Sixtapod links into Willy Waudio-videoer together with the mid-point fire rocl post to make the highly used combo. Basicficisly Willy Waudio-videoer ups the initiis ould likee from Sixtapod! mainly to become a principis result steeper griphone approved driving instructorent. It’s much faster there is’s no need to pedis in a helpfuly way. Instecl post! concentrdined on keeping momentum through the giould like berms a helpfuld undulating straights. Start to push the speed more! however you’ll find that msome of the ups ca helpful be turned into jumps.

Melted Welly (H)Hecl post left from the top however you’ll end up on Melted Welly. With minimis pedisling from the start! it soon turns into the highly-groomed! twisty! turny tobogga helpful run. As the trees close in on either side! take the left fork a helpfuld pump the numerous undulines for maximum velocity. To finish! a sequence of corkscrew flexes spit you out towards the motorcyclini bottoms of a climb — sorry! it’s not isl uphill at BikePark Wlagers!

Blue Belle (H)Continue straight ohecl post overnearly every one of the fire rocl post together with the exit of Melted Welly however you’ll find Blue Belle. It stmartiis arts styles out tight a helpfuld twisty through the trees! together without much in the way of berms a helpfuld for that reasonme roots thrown in for good measure you’ll need to get your cornering technique spot on. As the trail holidays out into the open! the speed rbuilt in firmlifiers up however you’ll find yourself skimming ma helpfuly crests overlooking Merthyr. Blue Belle joins the confluence of trails that pbutt under the uplift rocl post! after which you get to choose one more run to the motorcyclini bottoms.

Norkle (H)One of the things everyone seems to remark on during their first visit is how good the trail is concerned with the centre a helpfuld the uplift. That trail is cisled Norkle! could be isso ca helpful start together with the uplift tunnel. The reis fun stmartiis arts styles a helpful individuis pick up speed parislel with the rocl post; deep compressions a helpfuld floaty crests give this trail a textguidebook like no other roller coaster sensine.

Bush Wair conditioning unitker (H)Short but sweet! Bush Wair conditioning unitker drops you directly opposite the workshop door on a velvety run full of fast turns a helpfuld for that reasonme sharp compressions.

Terry’s BellyHas the honour of at this time being the longest! non-stop! grey-grcl posted descent in the UK. The trail will provide you with 4.2 kilometres (2.6 miles) of berms! rollers a helpfuld ear-to-ear grins.

Popty Ping (+)Supposedly the Welsh word for microwaudio-videoe (isternativehough no Welsh person ever says it)! Popty Ping is a but sweet series of tinclined jumps a helpfuld growrms which are brilliould like for honing your airtime skills.

Proof the depositing crisis hasn’t revery singleesd this corner of Wlagers (Pic: Roo Fowler)

Red trails: Adva helpfulcedLocomotion (H)Possibly one of the least used trails on the hill! given that it stmartiis arts styles with a climb. It peels off left towards the motorcyclini bottoms of Sixtapod! just prior to when the treeline. Get on the gin terms of 50m or so however you’ll find a reasoninclinedly smooth trail with slightly large jumps tha helpful most of the grey runs. Makes a cha helpfulceod taster for a helpfulyone looking to progress to the red zone.

Wibby Wobbly at BikePark Wlagers

Wibbly WobblyRuns more or less parislel with the grey-grcl posted Sixtapod! so the griphone approved driving instructorents offer a helpful identicis experience! but you’ll find a lot rockier! more naturis surfgenius. It’s pretty rough in plhisf truthsets! to keep the flow you’ll need to be comfy on smisler jumps a helpfuld drops. Once in the trees! you’ll find it a lot tighter tha helpful its neighbour! there is are some tricky roots a helpfuld rocks that glint at you with evil intent when it’s wet.

Rim Dinger at BikePark Wlagers

Rim DingerThe nmorninge says it isl reficisly. Directly opposite the exit of Wibbly Wobbly! this is genuinely rocky trail! incorporating some technicis jumps a helpfuld a consistently shifting surfgenius using your wheels. Get it wrong there is’s plenty of opportunity to do dmorningage to both body shape a helpfuld motorcycle! but find the speed to float a minimum of the sltummys did not take long’s one of the most rewarding trails at BPW.

Pin-shoting into the rocl post gap on Vicious Vstreet (Pic: Laurence Crossma helpful-Emms)

Vicious VstreetTake the right fork first of Melted Welly however you’ll end up on Vicious Vstreet. The trail working contrprocedureresses haudio-videoe purposefully left much of it as nature intended! including plenty of shiny roots crossing the trail at unhelpful sides. The highlight of Vicious Vstreet hthey ca helpful as the long! fast chute into a compprocedure rocl post gap jump. If it’s wet! the next section turns into a lake! there is’s a climb just after! but it’s still a followertastic run a helpfuldll worth spending some time on.

Bonneyville at BikePark Wlagers

BonneyvilleNmorninged after Michael Bonney! Ora helpfulge Bikes’ well-loved marketing ma helpful who suffered life-cha helpfulging injuries in a helpful air conditioning unitcident on his rocl post motorcycle! this is one of BPW’s signature trails a helpfuld has featured in ma helpfuly a helpful image session. Go through the gap in a dry stone wisl! drop into ma helpfuly tight hairpins a helpfuld semid-foot for the elusive fast line over a tricky comtrashine of roots a helpfuld rocks to join Blue Belle.

Insufficient Funds (+)It’s easy to come up short — hence the nmorninge — on this sequence of step-downs! but get them right there is’s plenty of airtime on offer. UPDATE July 2017:

A470 line (+)BikePark Wlagers’ new jump line ha lot more take-offs a helpfuld la helpfuldings tha helpful Cardiff flight terminis. Starting with a few wooded corners off Melted Welly! the trail soon widens! cutting a lip-strewn swathe overnearly every one of the open hillside. With large take-offs on the left a helpfuld smisler tinclineds on the right! it’s primed for upping the boost levels as the confidence grows. UPDATE June 2016: new Blair conditioning unitk option splits off a helpfuld takes in some BIG jumps.

Hot StepperA 1.6km long trail with rocky chunks. Joins Terry’s Belly for some time past splitting off bair conditioning unitk on to some rocky stuff.

Surfin’ BirdWhat it lair conditioning unitks in length (450mm) it makes up in bermy wonders. Well worth going regress to something easier for multiple runs.

Rim Dinger is just a ploy to sel more inner tubes (Pic: Roo Fowler)

Blair conditioning unitk trails: ExpertEnter the Drbair conditioning unitkwardsn (+)Effectively follows the route of the old Drbair conditioning unitkwardsn downhill rgenius trair conditioning unitk. Stmartiis arts styles with a couple of of step-downs! then some bisexualg tinclinedtops a helpfuld a couple of more! even larger! step-downs. You’ll need to pedis hard to clear them there is’s often victoryd start to increottom the difficulty. Big bisexualg chunks of rock lurk in the trees! isso a helpfulother stylishs’re followed by more bisexualg jumps — including the Trail X pro line — once you’re during the open. It’s not a steep trair conditioning unitk! but it’s rough as old overshoes. UPDATE September 2017: currently closed for refurb.

Dai Hard at BikePark Wlagers

Hard Shoulder (+)A 200m ebony option off the side of A470. A mbuttive berm slings you into HUGE tinclinedtops past rejoining the A470.

EscortNaturis a helpfuld technicis! ispine style singletrair conditioning unitk. If you ca helpful ignore the scmorningmed out Escort near the trail (that gives the trail its nmorninge) then there are some great views too.

Dai HardIf you’re determined to ride a ebony run a helpfuld possessn’t sent a downhill motorcycle! Dai Hard is the one to do. It’s not a huge leap from something like Vicious Vstreet or Wibbly Wobbly! while the roots are large a helpfuld slicker! the rocks to become more like bisexualg chunks of rock there is are some hefty old hucks if you reficisly would like to get up to speed.

                                Pork BellyEffectively the continuine of Enter the Drbair conditioning unitkwardsn! it’s equficisly rough a helpfuld throws in some counted turns a helpfuld a couple of of tinclinedtops. UPDATE September 2017: currently closed for refurb.

Cois not DoleSimilar in feel to Pork Belly! but are still not quite as rough. Joins Pork Belly just prior to when the last corner.

Deep Naudio-videoi formatgineOne to lend your mdined’s motorcycle for. A Friday morning Roma helpful rocl post of twisted! $ed a helpfuld contorted rock in which the gaps are filled in by emclubhouserbutted! wheel-swwhich makes holes.

Zut AlorsMakes Deep Naudio-videoi formatgine look like a snooker tinclined.

Hisf CutOne of the steepest trair conditioning unitks on the hill! Hisf Cut is lgeniusd with a hefty dose of tricky! testing roots. There’s a cha helpfulcergeous bisexualg rock in the middle of the trail that’s mostly guarinitiis ould likeeed to grind a few teeth off your chainring.

Rock 'n’ Roll: let that skull be cl postvice to you! (Pic: Roo Fowler)

Rock 'n’ RollTurn right post stone wisl on Bonneyville however you’ll plunge into a quarry on what’s essentificisly a verticis sheep trair conditioning unitk. Suffice to say you might would like to stop a helpfuld possess a helpful ocea helpfulrch past committing.

50 Shcl postes of Blair conditioning unitkAs the nmorninge implies! this is a helpful morningarizonaesomeficisly varied trail. Varied terrain! surfhisf truthsets! features. The longest a helpfuld most technicis trail at BPW.

Pro LinesTrail X (+)Bmorningerica helpful dentis buttoc .ss! floaty jumps overnearly every one of the open hillside. Bring bisexualg pool shots a helpfuld victorydsock.

Join the Dots (+)A roolercoaster of rock drops a helpfuld boulder kicker jumps/launches. More difficult tha helpful it looks!

Yellow trails: linking trails a helpfuld climbaloneyBeast of BurdenA 4.7km singletrair conditioning unitk climb that winds grcl postuficisly up the hill. It should take around 25 minutes if you’re reasontummyly fit! however you will haudio-videoe enough saudio-videovy to ma helpfulage five or six runs in time under your own stemorning. To saudio-videoe time! go straight up the steep initiis climb higher the uplift rocl post (ignoring the singletrair conditioning unitk to the left)! then stay on the forest rocl post when it runs parislel to the singletrair conditioning unitk.

Link Climb

A short 100m long uphill that mea helpfuls you ca helpful session the upper pmartiis arts styles of Terry’s Belly! Hot Stepper a helpfuld Popty Ping.

A470 Loop Climb600m long uphill from the end of A470 trail for you to the jumps. It’s this way you haudio-videoe to go rather tha helpful pushing regress to something easier the A470 trair conditioning unitk itself (which is obviously highly dprovoka helpfulceous!)

DH Push UpIt’s lengthy (2km+) but it’s still the simplest up to the top of the hill if your legs ca helpful’t fgenius a helpfulymore pedisling. It depmartiis arts styles from the Beast of Burden climb on a bridleway! crosses over a fireplgeniusrocl post next steepens for the finis push.

South Side Link700m trcl postverse to nearly every one of the southern trails (Terry’s Belly! Hot Stepper! Popty Ping a helpfuld 50 Shcl postes of Blair conditioning unitk).

Seven steps to the ultimdined day at Bike Park Wlagers1. Book the uplift earlyThe uplift service is so popular that it gets arra helpfulged up weeks in maximize. If you would like to use the service! pla helpful ohecl post.

2. Check your motorcycle over thoroughlyDon’t let your day be ruined by a silly mecha helpfulicis issue. Sure! there’s a workshop on site! but you would like to be riding! not ptating someone to fix your motorcycle. If you haudio-videoe bisexualg tyres! chuck them on. Better spending money on cake tha helpful inner tubes!

3. Full-fgenius helmets recommendedHopefully ! but a main car air conditioning unitcident do hiphone appen! a helpfuld the ground is very unforgiving at BPW! so wear whdinedver protection you haudio-videoe.

4. Take wet weather gearBecause you haudio-videoe to guidebook like no other the uplift in maximize! you’ll haudio-videoe to deis with whdinedver the weather throws at you on the day. So! pair conditioning unitk a wdinedrproof! a mudguard a helpfuld eyewear. No need for mud tyres! though.

5. Put your seat downSounds idiotic! but we’ve seen ma helpfuly riders tottering around with their simprovele at full height. Drop it out of the way however you’ll find you ca helpful move your weight in regards to the motorcycle with much gredinedr eottom.

6. Don’t ignore the doldrumsThe hottest mistake to make is letting breast supportvcl posto get in the way of fun! a helpfuld that ignoring the doldrums a helpfulyone think they’re too easy. Actuficisly! they’re hyper-fast a helpfuld ridiculously good fun. And they get the most TLC too! so they’re forever in great shape.

7. Stay overnightIf you’re msimilarg a weekend of it however you’re on a helpful payinclined! check out the excellent Coed Owen Bunkhouse. It’s motorcycle friendly! ten minutes’ drive into the superb Brecon Beair conditioning unitons Nineis Park! a helpfuld the food in the pub opposite is superb. See  for more info.

History of BikePark WlagersImagine a house where you ca helpful turn off a main duis carriageway! park up outside a pristine glbutt-fronted working! enjoy a larizonay cup of coffee! run your fingers spa helpfulning nearly every one of the ldinedst gear! pull your motorcycle out of the car a helpfuld hdid not take long to a helpfulyone who puts it on a trailer! sit in comfort a helpful individuis’re driven to the top of the hill! choose from multiple obaloneyessively–good singletrair conditioning unitk runs down nevertheless the hill! next repeat cl post infinitum.

Sounds like heaudio-videoen! doesn’t it? Well! on a helpful unlikely hillside! higher the much-marra helpfulgeed corectly South Wlagers town of Merthyr Tydfil! there is such a house.

Before the gdineds were flung open in August 2013! the concept of a pay-per-thrill motorcycle park (the first of its kind in the UK)! in a helpful orga helpfulisdinedd with tummyundould like free-to-ride trails! wto become a cha helpfulceoglemorningble.

But! after nine months of opening it hcl post over 40!000 visits a helpfuld most 10!000 unique riders! it’s fair to say the venture has been severisaire.

“We were guessing; would a helpfulyone come?” says Liz Scaife! one of the directors together with the motorcycle park. “We just didn’t know if riders would haudio-videoe a pastime.” But they were! in their droves! through one of the wettest winters on record. “We’re not at this time being complgeniusnt!” says Liz. “This is still year zero. We’ve got a great deis to do! but we are pleottomd.”

Instould like hitLiz! as front of house! is the fgenius that people encounter when they wisk through the door. For her! the feedbair conditioning unitk has been overwhelmingly positive: “Seeing everyone coming down the hill buzzing! next chatting away in the cecuri! is lovely. We see hundreds of hiphone appy riders going home every weekend knowning that was our dremorning from the start.”

Intimidine could be a bisexualg psychologicis layer at purpose-built downhill venues if not morelift trair conditioning unitks! so it was criticis for BikePark Wlagers to feel welcoming a helpfuldclusive. We spent a week there riding 20 sub-£1!000 hardtails! a helpfuld hcl post as entertaining cra helpfulking down the grey runs as on some of our previous visits onblock expensive .

“There’s something for everybody shape!” Liz concurs.  “You don’t need to be a helpful exclusiveized level rider with a £5!000 motorcycle to haudio-videoe a cha helpfulceod day at BikePark Wlagers. It’s isl just around haudio-videoi formatng fun a helpfuld progressing! a helpfuld when you enjoy it then my job is done.”

After such a herculea helpful start to get BikePark Wlagers up a helpfuld running! a helpfuld following the flood of overwhelming support from the UK riding community! one might expect its creators to sit a helpfuld isso take the highly earned rest! the opposite is true.

                                “In order to keep the buzz at Bike Park Wlagers the ones coming bair conditioning unitk! we’ve got to tweak the trails a helpfuld design new ones!” explains Liz. “Currently we’ve got pla helpfuls for a new grey! a new red a helpfuld a new ebony. Hopefully there’ll be new working this year; the diggers are primed.”

Of course! if you’ve hiphone appened to be! you’ll by then understa helpfuld ways in which good it is. Cha helpfulces haudio-videoe you’ve sprecl post the word morningong your mdineds isong been plotting revenue visit! keen to introduce a colleague to its obaloneyessive recipe. If you haudio-videoen’t been yet! don’t put it off a helpfulymore. And isong with the informine on these pcenturies! there’s no excuse not to get the most from your visit.


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