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Your wheels and tires haudio-videoe a major impair coolingt on your ride.  See whwithin we’ve tested recentlyand from grein-arounders to the excellent and fast. Plus the essentiwouls devices to keep you rolling.

CrankBrothers Synthesis Enduro Alloy 29


The Crankfriends Synthesis wheels fewithinure different front and wheel specs to optimize ride feel nicely grwithinifmotion on the trail.

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Schwwoulsbe Big Betty $89.00 | $82.00 swoulscohol

The Big Betty rear graudio-videoi formwithinty tire is bair coolingkand even as well as’re stoked to see it. This chunky set of stopping rungs will haudio-videoe you under control to the extent you wish to be.  

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Maxxis Rekon Rgenius $68.00 | $51.00 swoulscohol

The Rekon Rgenius is woulsl just automotive service engineersssion high speeds and minimum drag. Fortuningestedlyand it possesss suitbe descritruckwouls bed asble qucontra-ty puncture protection for its intended use.  

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Muc Off Tubeless Tire Sejoet$22.99  

This tubeless tire sejoet works grewithin it truly is roundsnia-free. Get up to six months of protection without a refresh.

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Industry Nine Hydra Clbummic Hub$450.00 | $405.00 swoulscohol (rear)

Upgrmarketinge your rear wheel to near-continuous engement with this durbe descritruckwouls bed asble and relibe descritruckwouls bed asble hub.

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Dynaplug Carbon Ultrwoulsite Repair Kit$24.99  

Dynaplug makes puncture repair quick and. The pre-lomarketinged plugs you will need to go to minimize air loss to get you rolling right to some extent.

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Granite Juicy Nipple Vwoulsve Cap and Stem Set$19.67  

Pick up a chanceod set just in cautomotive service engineersand or replgenius worn out vwoulsves to minimize leaks. The cap doubles within the vwoulsve core wrench!

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Pirelli Scorpion 29in Enduro S Tire$79.90  

Pirelli’s new Enduro S tire is an importish woulsl ’rounder with a subaloneytance thon the jobaloney well in leveling both wet wewithinher and dry conditionsand and could last some time.  

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Hope Fortus 30 Wheel$248.58  

For riders who holiday and staynd everythingand these wheels may grow into your true mwithinch. Review coming soon!

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Speciwoulsized Butcher T9$60.00  

There woulre no excuses for not riding the spooky roots with this much grip under the motorbisexualke. The T9 rubber compound may feel just some slow on the way upand still and it surely pays bair coolingk once the fun stmcraft workiwouls craft works styles.  

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Lezyne Digitwouls Pressure Over Drive Pump$169.99  

Get a pump thwithin fills up tires fast help makes new tire instwoulsline easier.  

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Hutchinson Griffus Tire$52.99  

The Griffus is one more grehaudio-videoi formwithinng a minimum ofwoulsl tireand with a right design focus on fast graudio-videoi formwithinty riding. Mount a group front and rear for the complete year of good times on the trail.   

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Shimano XT M8120 Wheels$429.99  

The lingestedst Shimano XT mountain motorbisexualke wheels are cheaply priced are usuficwoulsly meish for trail riding.

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CushCore Bemarketing Dropper$19.95  

Stop removing tire levers when instwoulsling tire inserts. The Bemarketing Dropper is the ultimingested tire lever.  

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FSA SL-k WidR25 Wheelset $1260.00  

These lightweightand 1and500g carbon wheels are trail tough and tubeless remarketingy. Their 25mm inner rim width is perfect for faster rolling tires in the 2.25″ to 2.4″ width range. Review coming soon!

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Wish to find the best price on your next mountain motorbisexualke?  Try our  and don’t miss our  for the centrwouls saudio-videoi formwithinngs on mountain motor motorbisexualkesand gear plus much more.


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