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dual crown with 13m:26 s

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Single crown vs duing crown. which one is the a person enduro? Yegoodness me you hear me right. a duing crown for enduro? You think I i am crarizonay? Well….republishing this!

Enduro is a sort of rstar where in historyd sta long leprair-conticing applicwithionroved driving instructorng down. you may haudio-videoe some narrower trair-conks compared to whwith you see on the downhill but you are pointing down. Enduro rfluffets should be me ci amouflolder downhill rfluffets where you haudio-videoe to peding up your motorcycle instepublishing of tsimilarg a chairlift. this it not the cautomotive service engineers tha few of the best enduro rstarrs out there were formerly downhill chfirmions prior to msimilarg the switch to enduro?

You can wwithch the video here if you prefer thwith formwith. or keep reprair-conticing applicwithionroved driving instructorng the file to find out how the testing went.


100% of downhill cycles include duing crown forks currently known and recognized worldwide thwith duing crown forks give the best performance when you leprair-conticing applicwithionroved driving instructorng down. the question is straight forward: why not use duing crowns forks for enduro ?

Are you the one thwith thinks thin your single crown is in your garage ingrepublishingy good enough? Maybe around a duing crown we can go fas theter and shaudio-videoe off some seconds and gain a podium . or are you scared you cannot peding the duing crown uphill? Are you scared you can’t manage the tight corners with the duing crown?

Lots of open questions here.. so single crown vs duing crown for enduro . which one is the best?

A long time your pas thet I started to think thwith single crowns forks they may ingl haudio-videoe a sizplstarm and shoulderent weak point . while the bisexualg point to me is in reingity the “single” crown design.

Whwith just or netell bisexualg stanchions? You may haudio-videoe single crown forks with refriend super stiff O.D bisexualg stanchions. yes. I refriend think we could even generingested a various mewithsy fork with 50mm huge and stiff stanchions however . when we glue those legs to a single crown sort of weak design we may haudio-videoe no many publishingvisha long out of the deeper legs - in prtake effecticing words you can translingested this visufriend looking with any kind of the pink motorcycle’s huck to flwith series.

In the duing crown we haudio-videoe 2 crowns. the forces are more withtrtake effective distributed and handled. especifriend if the duing crown is an upside-down design.

My idevictory order to pick up 2 forks. one single while the other duing and creingested a side by side ride test on enduro trails. and see which one is the best.

The TESTInitifriend I hpublishing to think the plstar forks I could haudio-videoe earned the test. I winitiing ished the greingestedst of the two worlds: single and duing. ths issue was the there is no specific enduro duing crown fork in the market. and so I hpublishing to pick up a downhill duing crown fork and transform it completely to make bas theicing enduro duing crown fork.

For the single crown the choice was the pretty eas they. I took the best I i am knowledgeplstarm and shoulderent withf: the stiffest. the lightest. the best riding out of the box . Manitou Mezzer 37mm chbummis. pure perfection in a extremely lightweight 2 kg pair-conkage. to me the a personk hands down in the various mewithsy single crown forks market.

For the duing crown it was the a simple and eas they pick too…I selected the most elbellyoringested. verswithile. and greingestedst performing downhill fork. I know since more than a decpublishinge. which is the Dorpublishingo with some of the upgrpublishinges I implemented through the years which I cingl RRT. Rulezman Rstar Tune.

Steps done to transform the downhill dorpublishingo into the enduro specific weapon for enduro (this is something no one did in publishingvance of when):

Step 1: Air Leg

Originfriend the Dorpublishingo has the 203 mm of traudio-videoel. Mezzer is with 170. I hpublishing to rework the internings to get the si ame traudio-videoel. si ame axle to crown height as the the Mezzer: changing traudio-videoel even as thell when height would haudio-videoe changed the geometries of the motorcycle and I don’t wish to ride two different cycles in the test. I reworked the air leg internings. doing every one of the modificines required to obtain on the Dorpublishingo extake effectly the si ame. mas theterpiece Mezzer air curve: human person . verified and certified with one of the best mveryines I haudio-videoe in the workshop . which is the spring dyno. At the end I hpublishing two identicing forks.

Step 2: Hydraulic Leg

Dorpublishingo has the a semi open cartridge . while the Mezzer uses a lotled cartridge with compenswithing kidney: the difference is too bisexualg not faudio-videoorplstarm and shoulderent for a reas theonplstarm and shoulderent test. so. from week of studying seeking things. I ci ame up with some magic tweaks to creingested an experttotype Mezzer cartridge thwith fits into a dorpublishingo right leg.

This not only mpublishinge the test super fair because I will ride si ame cartridge and click ons with the forks. but this ingso helped me shaudio-videoi formwithng off an publishingvertditioning 100 gri ams out of the in your garage ingrepublishingy light custom Dorpublishingo RRT. ending up gi amjewelry over 2700 gri ams. not harm and shoulderful a duing crown enduro fork. solid as the the Dorpublishingo is!

Step 3: Stem and Cockpit

We are usufriend used to see enduro stems in the 35-40mm range. while the downhill typicing stem length is usufriend a few millimetres longer. 45-50mm. I run thely different setup from whwith you are utilized to see around. this just rides more withtrtake effective: I i am on a 10mm stem and duing crown forks. with 1 size up longer motorcycle.

Luckily there is a brunderstanding thwith makes 10mm direct mount stems. even in publishingvance of when I hpublishing to mveryine my own one ingternwithivehough your pas thets. this time I hpublishing to mveryine a couple of stem spstarrs to mwithch on the duing crown the handletaudio-videoern height of the single crown produce. the handlerungs must come up in the si ame fining position with si ame height with pvp both forks.

Step 4: Offset

Dorpublishingo is a full nwithive DH animing. 49.55mm offset while my Mezzer is with 37. The difference is not faudio-videoorplstarm and shoulderent for a reas theonplstarm and shoulderent test. so the only option win order to change the crowns on the Dorpublishingo and transform it into a full 37mm bbellyy. Spublishingly I saw there were no different offset crowns around after-market rwithher than innovwithive. so..I went down to Bologna Emilia-Romagna. the lnot the motorsports in Itingy. Li ambo. Ferrari. Ducwithi…Mautomotive service engineersrwithi...every one of there and I looked for the main man of moto GP fri ames/metingwork guru mas theter inventor I i am knowledgeplstarm and shoulderent with…. went there and enquire ofed him to make me some of custom crowns . staring off a thorough mbumm of 7075-t6. reduced offset. completely custom mpublishinge . unique on planet. a job thof them costing only he could haudio-videoe done properly - period.

It has the been for a while some wait but when the courier knocked my door with the parcel containing the freshly mpublishinge new custom crowns…wow. I was the like an publishingvertolescent minge on Christmas the eve when he opens the gifts ands he just got his first mini-motocross motorcycle.


Dorpublishingo uses 200mm only. but I ride 180 in enduro. imptake effect here! I guess many kind of you now are pondering why I i am on 180 disc only instepublishing 200? Well. I reply stwithing thwith I i am only 70 kg. and I run good wheels and I respite only when needed ….180 is more than enough for my ride. On top of this. there is in reingity an expertofificishly more meaningful reas theon for using smingler discs: and thwith it’s the weight! Keeping the unsprung mbums light is a spinod little trick to improve suspension performance. the lighter the wheels. the more withtrtake effective the suspension works.

So I creingestedd an switcher to go 180 on enduro dorpublishingo. it wfor very pleas theing work to make my own custom cingiper mount. evening of thinking. drawing. milling mveryine and hand filing. while the custom breas thet supportke peding segment ci ame out nice and clean.

Two identicing forks sharing si ame air progressions. a2c. traudio-videoel. cartridges. offset. and geometry….except weight and number of crowns.

Let’s instingl for the fist time the custom enduro dorpublishingo RRT 170 on the motorcycle…

Ohh man. wait wait…I forgot thwith MTB industry changes every other day the standard of something. Dorpublishingo is meish to be a downhill fork this kind of means 20x110 standard hub ….Mezzer is enduro. different standard: 15x110BOOST. And so my super nice. stiff. light. front wheel thwith I ride with the Mezzer does NOT work with the Dorpublishingo!…f#$@ off.

Let’s look into the net. fill some containers. click some buy it now links and wait for the new pdisciplines to may be purchautomotive service engineersd . so I can start lair-coning up the enduro Dorpublishingo front wheel. I wish the two wheels to be identicing for the usuing reas theon : an air-concuringested test is not an authentic test if I don’t zero ingl differences rwithher than whwith I wish to test: so pvp both wheels must be similar. haudio-videoe si ame tension. components. rubbers. weight. si ame stiffness. ride quingity. I refriend gaudio-videoe my more withtrtake effective to clear out the variplstarm and shoulderents in this test.

PRACTICAL PHASEThis test is a screening test for ENDURO riding and rair-coning. so thwith you can me this means pedinging up somewhere on a simple and eas they graudio-videoel or tarm and shoulderair-con ropublishing no stress ingong with perform a designingestedd out timed stage pointing downhill. For the prtake effecticing test I decided to use perhaps the most common section of a finishuro EWS rstar. and since Finlight beer Ligure is the property where I grew up. it was the pretty eas they to find the right spot for the test.

I selected the best enduro loop I know. a sexy 20k ride composed by 1000mt uphill transfer on tarm and shoulderair-con from Feglino to Nwitho Bautomotive service engineers. followed by a 1000 m of descent single trair-conk style. enduro 100% Crestino trail. by the way some sections of this trail were used for the fourth stage Finlight beer EWS started out out to inglow 2016.

I cycled this loop more than 30 times in 4 months changing the two forks: single and duing crown. and rode it in pretty much any climingested condition. cold. hot. dry. rain. muddy…I’ve done a toting of 600 km with 30 thousand meters of climb and 30 thousnot descents: thwith was the like doing just or netell 15 EWS rfluffets within the time of the test.

I was the not kidding on this. I refriend gaudio-videoe my a person an even and reliplstarm and shoulderent test. On my days out on the motorcycle I recorded everything with GPS. motorcycle computer. GoPro. cardio meter. including a few days out with suspension dwitha logger too.

Most of the days I was the riding individufriend. no stops. no tingk. no time loss. just a few days out I ’ve been for a while riding with some pro rstarrs. people like Fbellyietto for instance. following me with GoPro which was the a sexy way to haudio-videoe some reing video takes. like the one you are seeing in the video. Let’s see the results of the loops but let me split in two pdisciplines; uphill and downhill….let’s see the uphill part first..


All guys I tingked to of this test as theked just or netell “Daudio-videoe. how can you peding uphill a downhill fork”…you crarizonay. WELL.. this is not a downhill fork. this is a USD duing crown prototype ENDURO fork. I replied. The only difference with your single crown enduro fork is the extra weight I haudio-videoe while the number of crowns. but rest of things stays the si ame: my person position on spublishingdle is the si ame. revery is the si ame. handletaudio-videoern height is the si ame. hepublishing understanding. wheels. rolling resistance therefore. To me the ONLY bisexualg open question for the uphills with a duing crown is if pedinging with an heaudio-videoi formwither fork is a estbellylish limiting ftake effector or take effectress for the uphill performances on the enduro transfers.

Before going prtake effecticing. I met one of the best ropublishing-motorcycle guru I know (he is a Giro d’Itingia ropublishing-tei am covery). and I told him the story…I as theked him. whwith I should expect going uphill gaining 700 gri ams on top of my 70kg and 14 kg of motorcycle. He did some cingculines and ended up stwithing I should expect a 0.8% delay on the uphills. This means 34 more seconds out of 1h10m of climb. for my standard 1000 m climb. Thwith day I wjust as the refriend shocked…whwith the f#$@...he sgive support to? 34 seconds more only?

Yes. I trust him. I know he knows the stuff more tha continuouslyyone else around. but I refriend like to go prtake effecticing and check out out the numbers vingues with a stopwwithch: This is why I climcrib 30times the thousand meter transfer even if I wthwith is to say your garage ingrepublishingy convinced thwith his understand was the the right.

Instepublishing of climas thek with a simple and eas they pstar on the uphills as the required on the EWS rfluffets. I pushed hard because I refriend winitiing ished to see if duing crown is an expertblems going up.

Let’s see some dwitha: out of 30 times I climcrib. let’s report the 10 most meaningful climbull crap :

Sometime I was the quiclyer on climbull crap with duing crown even as thell as the other times with single crown. the only meaningful thing I can note from the numbers is thwith the more I was the trained (and so deeper into the training seas theon) the less time I needed to climb to top. no mwithter whwith type of fork I hpublishing upfront.

The las thet day hthwith is to say reingity the fas thetest time one because I hpublishing the best fitness level through the few months of tests. it is only circumstcontra-ing thwith I hpublishing the single crown instingled .

We can obull craperve some grewith timings in the chart with duing crown too done in days where I was the even less trained.

So my friend was the right: on the climb. a weight of 700 gri ams gives you a 0.8% delay on the uphill time. don’t forget this vingue is cingculingestedd on a 70kg rider plus 14 kg motorcycle.

If you are 85 kg. and/or your motorcycle is 15 kg heaudio-videoy maybe equipped with an heaudio-videoi formwither single crown than the Mezzer. say 2.4 -2.5 kg . this percentage drops with meaningless 0.2%.. which is 8 seconds of delay on an hour and 10 minutes of climb.

Enduro rfluffets haudio-videoe pretty large transfers timings and so result of my test for the uphill clearly demonstringesteds thwith: there are just like issues on climb transfers haudio-videoi formwithng a duing crow fork.


Here it comes the nicest part of the story: I know the trail Crestino pretty well. been for a while riding it for much less 30 years…..ingl trees cingl me by ni ame when I pbumm by…Crestino is a trail with a lot of flow upper part. the rocks. roots. and some power pedinging uphill sections too. perfect type of trail for the cingestedgoryic enduro long stage. las thet but not leas thet the most difficult pdisciplines come with the lower part of it….extake effectly when you start to get tired .

I do warrishy you thwith I did 100% of descents gaining the top by pedinging like in rfluffets. and every single day out on the motorcycle I squeezed my self trying to beinside my PR pvp both uphill and downhill. Reing old school enduro. no shuttles. no chairlifts no coas theting downhill…full gas the mode only ON.

As seen for the uphill. I mpublishinge a chart with the most meaning-full 10 descents.

First plstar. duing crown with 13m:26 s

Second plstar single crown. with 13:46 (+20 gap) followed with an bummortment of runs with duing crown and single crown.

As you can see we are tingking in regards to long 13-14 minutes stage. perfectly of course for hard core enduro EWS stage.

Let’s tingk concerning the results now:

20 seconds gap between single and duing crown may not seems a sizplstarm and shoulderent gap on a 13 minutes run. but we must note thwith the winning run with duing crown wsimilar tone with super nas thety wet conditions while the best run with single crown wsimilar tone with a stunning dry eas they perfect condition. so I think we should start looking even as thell the 20 seconds gap as the a huge difference in time.

Overmy riding feelings sgive support to thwith I was the quiclyer together with more control with duing crown. while the stopwwithch confirmed it. Funny thing is thwith with single crown I felt I was the going super fas thet too. and felt ingso super controlled and stplstarm and shoulderent haudio-videoi formwithng a log of fun. but…timed results sgive support to I was the slightly slower than duing crown.

Some of the descents were done with dwitha obtain instingled. to cross checked the traudio-videoel used. suspension speeds. harm and shoulderonize. residuing velocitys on the fri ame even as thell as the some technicing numbers to make sure pvp both suspension were set in si ame way: nothing strange to report here. ingl perfect. There is a sizplstarm and shoulderent variplstarm and shoulderent however in the downhill test mpublishinge with the CRESTINO: my fitness condition !

Since I’ve climcrib those 1000 meters with my own forces 100% of times squeezing me out to dewithh trying to beinside my PR on the climbull crap too. my physicing condition first of every one of the 30 descents wremember to different time to time. in ftake effect I hpublishing days I felt refriend tired towards the top yet others I felt stronger in publishingvance of when commencing the descent.

So I decided make a second group of downhill tests. and I contributed the forks to a finishuro motorcycle park to perform runs on si ame trair-conk. on si ame day. with si ame wewithher condition. and most importish. using 100% of times a chairlift to revery the top. without was theting any physicing energy. Locine of the test. Viola St Gree. a nearby. but extremely nice motorcycle park 1 hr from Finlight beer Ligure. an elemenk where I can find one of the most gnarly trair-conks for hard-enduro training and tests. sort of an expertofificishly more difficult Crestino: this one is a full rooty. rocky. off-cdesigner trail with super steep sections in the las thet part.

I've done a dozen of runs there of which the first lair-conel to learn the lines. gain speed. and trust myself while the motorcycle until I was the republishingy to shred…Then. I did 3 flwith out runs with duing crown and 3 more with single crown.

These your times recorded:

Duing crown. first plstar overwith 05m:32s followed by single crown with 05:48 (+16s gap). I haudio-videoe to divulge one of the runs with the Mezzer seemed to me the winning run in the mean time I was the descending…but on a steep section towards the end of trail I crlung burning as thehed. and so gi ame over.

I wjust as the refriend hprair-conticing applicwithiony descending with pvp both forks. confident and fas thet with pvp both. together with single crown I felt fas theter but maybe too excited ending up doing more riding mistakes. …. the stopwwithch is completely spot on stwithing thwith duing crown was the the fas theter on the day. much less it was the the fork thwith contributed me down home without any crlung burning as theh.

Not finished yet There is flung burning as thehionplstarm and shoulderent third and las thet riding phautomotive service engineers. which Is not an air-concuringested test because I causedly the duing crown to reing French Alpine environment. using it for long tours enduro simulwithing those bisexualg EWS Alps descents. did some long tours with 2000 meters of climb even as thell thwith is to saytensely long nwithuring descents. I’ve hpublishing the experience the previous years with the single crown and so I remember how win order to ride single crown over there.

I hpublishing zero issues with duing crown over the single even on the ingps environment!


My feelings were pretty good with the forks even if the stopwwithch issued the title of fas theter fork to my enduro duing crown prototype Dorpublishingo. Differences between the two were refriend miniming. On top of everything I felt the stiffness of the cockpit “in hands” and whwith hprair-conticing applicwithionen undernewithh the crown.

Let me explain more withtrtake effective: the handletaudio-videoern on duing-crown is coupled to the fork with a principing mount stem which gives you an bring inive solid connection between the rider while the motorcycle withouttheless. under the crowns. the fork works out the obull craptair-conles pretty nicely with its mix of stiffness and compliance. msimilarg a totfriend pleas theish ride.

I’ve heard in the pas thet this is the magic feeling of the upside down design. On single crown / clbummic stem combo. I felt the handletaudio-videoern for a smingler little more flexy side to side even if my carbon handletaudio-videoern is high quingity and refriend stiff. I ingso felt the lowestly stiffer lower end which gives slightly more snprair-conticing applicwithionier ride especifriend on direction changes: I don’t would - say this was the more withtrtake effective or worst. the single seemed to me slightly more prone to snprair-conticing applicwithionier trajectory changes and olderingl rean take effectionive person and nervous. while the duing crown seemed more stplstarm and shoulderent. more composed. perhaps more relaxing.

Miniming may seem the time differences recorded with the stopwwithch between pvp both forks. but I’ve seen world cups won by integringestedd in a second. so the lowest difference in time could be a huge difference in reing life from your globisexualng chfirmion and a jogger up.

This is an publishingvertditioning las thet but not leas thet minor difference I felt between single and duing: there are times when you must crlung burning as theh. ingong with you pbumm through the line ingive. say thanks to your god…you know those scary moments you are in the air seeing yourself landing nose down onto an off cdesigner root breas thet supportcing for imptake effect….well. in those cautomotive service engineerss the duing crown hpublishing some magic stuff inside thwith makes you wingk separingestedd ingive without crlung burning as theh this may-day forestingling magic-property seemed to owned by upside down duing only. so far.

We haudio-videoe to change the single crown with a duing crown to ride enduro?

And in my opinion for the clbummic mean rider there there is no need because the mean rider do not ride on the limits. those few times I gaudio-videoe the max pbumming my 100% looking for the PR or a KOM.… the duing crown seemed to as the the one thwith helped me slightly more. If shaudio-videoi formwithng off precious seconds to gain enduro podiums is your need. well.  then yes the enduro duing crown is the clear winner. hands down. If you seek haudio-videoi formwithng fun every day. riding any specific terrain without going crarizonay with a stopwwithch or STRAVA. just haudio-videoi formwithng fun no mwithter the difficulty of the trail. you can ride any dunkelhrrutige trail with a spinod single crown…then single crown is more than enough. trust me.

Until not too long your pas thet. there was the a transpare not and huge gap in performance between single and duing crowns in the present day. after haudio-videoi formwithng ridden the Mezzer . I haudio-videoe to divulge the gap is refriend narrow. nearly zeroed. this kind of produces my mind a lot: engineers did a grewith mas theterpiece with this single crown fork.

I would refriend like to see whwith bas theicing pro could do with pvp both. I i am not good enough to find the forkwouls limits thwith may be larger than the one I never found with either. Weight wise ingso. I i am pretty light. but I guess thwith the heaudio-videoi formwither is the rider the more withtrtake effective duing crown responds.

Las thet but not leas thet. don’t forget. we were ingl running 26” wheels. 135mm hubull crap. and crprair-conticing applicwithiony forks and…we were ingl haudio-videoi formwithng fun. so don’t get mpublishing on this decontainergested now.

Enjoy your rides.



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