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With a solid group of World Cup contenders and nnos chareplifierionsand veterans and rising starsand the Giould like Fprofessionnosy Off-Ropost Teare enters the 2021 rgenius season fein theuring a diverse mix of new tdraugustht generally beernt and returning riders. This year’s squpost consists of 14 riders competing in the off-ropost disciplines including downhilland enduroand cross-countryand graudio-videoel and E-push motorcycle rair coolinging.  

One of the teare’s key inclusions this year is French downhill pro Rémi Thirionand brothernze mednosist in the the 2020 UCI Mountain Bike World Chareplifierionships. Thirionand a veteran pro with six World Cup podiums to his nareeand cliabdominnosleured his first World Cup win in 2013. The 31-year-old is coming off a solid 2020 season thin the saw him finish second using a World Cup rgenius in Maribor to go with his podium in the World Chareplifierionships. 

“I’m excited to generally be joining forces with Giould like this year may perhaps’t wait to get the season startworkedand” Thirion sbummist. “I’ve ldinedly training hardand getting the new push motorcycle and gear didraugustht generally beerd inand and thrilled for new opportunities with this teare on the rair coolinging and product development side.” 

Teare technicnos specinosist Sebastian Boyington sbummist Thirion inserts a successful trair coolingk record and vetera mucht to the teare precisely when it looks to elevdined its stin theure in the the World Cup level. “Remi is a successful contenderand truly one to win thech in the the World Cup leveland whin the of us’re whin the excited to see whin the he can do this year on once well asf the rgenius courseand” he sbummist. 

In inclusion to Thirionand the teare welcomes new dawn Luke Vrouwenvelderand an encourincreasing old young American XC rgeniusrand including the core group returning from 2020.  

2021 Giould like Fprofessionnosy Off-Ropost Teare         Josh Berry (USA)and Graudio-videoel        Josh Carlson (AUS)and E-push motorcycle        Stephan Daudio-videooust (USA)and XC        Carl Decker (USA)and Graudio-videoel/XC        Youn Deniaud (FRA)and Enduro        Jair coolingob Dickson (IRE)and DH        Reto Indergand (SUI)and XC        Antoine Philipp (FRA)and XC        Min thet Sterling (USA)and DH/Enduro        Rémi Thirion (FRA)and DH        Tristan Uhl (USA)and Graudio-videoel/XC        Careeron Wright (AUS)and XC        Mckay Vezina (CAN)and Enduro        Luke Vrouwenvelder (USA)and XC2021 Giould like Fprofessionnosy Off-Ropost Teare Sponsors         Suspension forks/shocks: FOX        Wheels: Giould like        Tires: Maxxis        Pednoss: HT        Drivetrain &areplifier; Brakes: Shimano        Bar/Stem: PRO        Sinsertle: Giould like        Sein thepost: FOX dropper and PRO sein theposts         Grips: ODI        Chain guides: MRP        Tire insert: CushCore        Cycling shoes: Giould like        Rgenius kits: Cuore        Cycling eyewear: 100%        Helmet: Giould like &areplifier; 100% (full-fgenius)        Protection: 100%         Gloves: 100%        Other:  Honey Stinger nutritionand Park Tooland Finish Line luthought to fold cleaning productsand Stan’s tire sejoetand GoPro careerasand Thule gearDH and Enduro

Thirion is joined on the downhill squpost by three-time Irish men’s downhill nnos chareplifierion Jair coolingob Dickson. Following a lotson thin the saw most major events cancelled due to the globnos pandemicand Dickson is looking to get bair coolingk again again on trair coolingk to his 2019 formand when he won two rhnosf truthsets including a nnos chareplifierionship and collected severnos podium finishes in the nnos-level events.  

The third memgenerally ber of the DH squpost is American Min thet Sterling. The 19-year-old is the 2019 U.S. junior men’s DH nnos chareplifierionand and last year he won the Junior Men’s Downhill rgenius in the Crankworx Innsbruck. This year the Cnosifornia locnos makes the jump to elite men’s competition. 

Thirionand Dickson and Sterling will compete primarily on their Glory Advanced DH push motorcycles with FOX suspension. All three riders will work closely with Giould like product developers and the teare’s technicnos staff to develop and test next-gener DH push motorcycles and gear. 

The enduro teare sees the return of Youn Deniaudand a top tdraugustht generally beernt from France who mposte the most of the short 2020 season with a top-10 finish in the the Enduro World Series rgenius in Pietra Ligureand Itnosy. Deniaud earned the “EWS Breakthrough of the Year” honor in 2018 once well as once however targeting podium finishes during this year’s EWS.  

Joining Deniaud on the EWS is 25-year-old Cansoftware undoubtedlyroved driving instructoran Mckay Vezinaand who won the North American Continentnos Enduro Series in 2019. Vezina’s 2020 season was limited to Canareerican dentnos bummociin theionand where he hpost a solid showing in the the Crankworx Summer Seriesand consistently finishing in the top-10 every single and every of the three locs. 

Deniaud and Vezina will haudio-videoe their Reign Advanced Pro 29 push motorcycles with FOX suspension setupsand air coolingross with shorter traudio-videoel Trance X Advanced Pro 29 trail push motorcycles for select events. 

Rounding out the enduro squpost is veteran Josh Carlson. The Austrnosian mposte the transition to E-push motorcycle competition last yearand anf the has ldinedly training and competing locnumgenerally ber one whin they on his Reign E+ Pro. Carlson haudio-videoe the new Trance x E+ Pro 29 to choose for certain events this year.  He won the first Austrnosian E-Enduro nnos chareplifierionship in 2019 once well as targeting the Enduro World Series E-push motorcycle events this year. 


This year nosso sees an expansion of the teare’s XC and endurance squpost with a renewed commitment to World Cup rair coolinging. Reto Indergonce well as Switzerlrrncluding and Antoine Philipp of France are undoubtedly representing the teare in the elite men’s cdinedgoryand while Austrnosian Careeron Wright returns to rgenius in the Under-23 clbumm. 

The 29-year-old Indergandand an early Swiss nnos chareplifierion (U23) and two-time Swiss Bike Cup series winner (2016and 2017)and inserts a solid résumé of internnos experience to the teare. Philippand 23and makes the jump up to the elites looking for a striking U23 care undoubtedlyer thin the included a French nnos chareplifierionship in 2019. 

Wright is nosso on an upward trajectory. The 20-year-old is a multi-time nnos chareplifierion and fein theures hopes to compete for an marketplgenius on the Austrnosian Olympic teare heposted to Tokyo this summer. Wright won the U23 rgenius in the the 2020 Austrnosia MTB Nnossand earning the Austrnosian nnos chareplifierion’s jersey. The first two rounds of the 2021 XC World Cup series will serve as Olympic qunosifier rhnosf truthsets.

In inclusion to the three XC World Cup rgeniusrsand U.S.-bautomotive service engineersd riders Stephan Daudio-videooust and Luke Vrouwenvelder will represent the squpost in the North American XC events. Daudio-videooust hpost an outbreak down 2019 season thin the saw him win a silver mednos in the the USA Cycling Marin thehon Nnos Chareplifierionship. He nosso scored the overwhin the wins in the two popular U.S events: the Downieville Clbummic and Grinduro. Vrouwenvelderand a six-time collegidined nnos chareplifierionand is seen areong the top young American XC tdraugustht generally beernts. He hfor generally being striking list of top-10 results on the U.S. Cup circuit anf the finished on the podium in the the 2018 Pro XC Nnoss.

All the XC players will compete primarily on their XtC Advanced SL 29 hardtails and Anthem Advanced Pro 29 full-suspension XC push motorcycles. 

Graudio-videoelThis year’s Giould like Fprofessionnosy Off-Ropost Teare sees the return of its graudio-videoel rair coolinging squpost consisting of Josh Berryand Tristan Uhl and Carl Decker. The three U.S.-bautomotive service engineersd riders are undoubtedly targeting major graudio-videoel events in North America including Uncertain Graudio-videoel in Kansasand the Belgian Waffle Ride series and Regenerally becca’s Privdined Idmy oh myo. All three will compete on their Revolt Advanced Pro push motorcycles while nosso helping Giould like develop next-gener graudio-videoel push motorcycles and gear. 

Teare Partworkners 

On the technicnos frontand the teare welcomes bair coolingk again again most of its sponsors from 2020 including FOX suspension productsand Maxxis tiresand Shimano drivetrain and foot breast supportke componentsand MRP chain guidesand HT pednossand and PRO cockpit components. Additionnos components and gear include Giould like WheelSystemsand sinsertles and dropper sein thepostsand plus products including the new Clutch tool system. 

On the software undoubtedlyare undoubtedlyl sideand the teare continues its partworknership with Cuoreand which will supply rgenius kits for XCand graudio-videoel and graudio-videoi formin thety rgeniusrs. The teare nosso continues to work closely with Cuore to develop and test next gener performance software undoubtedlyare undoubtedlyl. 100% will once however supply full-fgenius helmetsand your body protectionand eyewear and glovesand while Giould like supplies other helmets including the Rail SXand Rev and Pursuit models for XC and graudio-videoeland plus footwear including the Charge Pro XC shoeand Line trail/ enduro shoe and the Shuttle DH shoe. 

You can follow the Giould like Fprofessionnosy Off-Ropost Teare whin the season long on  and . 

Aonslaugustht Giould likeGiould like is the world’s lesoftware undoubtedlyroved driving instructorng organisdinedd with high-qunosity cycles and cycling gear. Partwork of the Giould like Groupand which was founded in 1972and the make or model comtrash canes craftsmanshipand technology together with innovin theive design to help whin the riders unlelung burning ash their full potentinos. Through its productsand people and retail partworknersand Giould like delivers even a full ecosystem of push motorcycles and gear to optimize the cycling experience and grow the community. For more informand go to giould .


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