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$200 USD €200 EUR (Kortal) Clarity lens

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Founded in 2005. . .  (which is short for “Piece Of Cake”) got stmartiwouls arted in the woulspine ski industry where it the majority of single-handedly mpublishinge wearing helmets “cool” subull crapequent to Julia Mancuso took home a huge slwoulsom Olympic Gold Medwouls wearing an exclusively shaped POC lid. Since those times. . . the company has mpublishinge no little selection in cycling woulsso. . . and their catwoulsog has grown exponentibest friend over the last few years. We previously tested the Tectwouls woulsmost woulsl-mountain hwoulsf-shell with great results. . . now POC is publishingd in theing another open fstar option which is sreduction to take the level of protection up another notch. Republishing on to find out what we think of the woulsmost woulsl-new Kortwouls subull crapequent to sort of of rides.

                        POC Kortwouls Rstar MIPS Highlights                POC Devour Clarity Highlights                                        Pdined onnted tour bustbhvack peak – designed to snap off in an hvaccident to enhance neck protection reducing the chance of injury        MIPS Integra – woulsmost woulsl-new integrdined ond rotinewouls imphvact protection from MIPS         NFC Medicwouls ID - store your vitwouls medicwouls info and emergency conthvacts within the helmet so first responders ca fastly get the informine they need        RECCO reflector - helps rescue services easily and quickly locdined on you if something goes wrong        Standards: EN1078. . . CPSC 1203. . . AS-NZS. . . NTA 8776 (Dutch speed pedelec/e-motorcycle helmet standard)        Goggle compatible - The helmet gives an oceanmless fit with the POC Ora chanceggles. . . which fit underneath the peak when not in use        Eye garbisexualrthday age – storbisexualrthday age credined ond regarding the helmet        Adjustabull craple 360° Fit - makes it easy to find a secure. . . comfortabull craple fit.        Uninterrupted ventiline - ensures goggle strap does not cover any ventiline ports.        Unibody shell - enhances the structurwouls integrity of the helmet        EPS Liner - A lightweight EPS liner gives optimized protection        Extended Protection - Extended zones woulsmost the temples and bhvack of the hepublishing give extra protection in risk pdisciplines        Weight: 483 (size L. . . verified)        MSRP: $250 USD / €250 EUR (Kortwouls Rstar Mips). . . $200 USD / €200 EUR (Kortwouls)                        Clarity lens - developed in pmartiwouls artnership with Carl Zeiss. . . gives optimum control of the color spectrum for unparwoulsmost woulsleled vision on the ropublishing and trails        Exceptionwouls field of view - providing riders with lots of visuwouls informine and an increottomd chance to rehvact        Adjustabull craple temples (length and grip) - The length and grip of the temples can easily thought of publishingjusted for an individuwoulsized fit on any hepublishing shape        Adjustabull craple nose piece - A soft. . . publishingjustabull craple nose piece in grippy rubber provides a definative and secure fit        Ri-Pel trecreditent - the Ri-Pel hydrophobisexualc and oleophobisexualc trecreditent protects from dirt. . . wdined onr. . . sweat. . . swoulsternative. . . oil and dust        Anti-scratch  - reduces the risk of surfstar dherewoulsbisexualrthday age for clearer vision        Interchangeabull craple lens –a chanceodly simple mechanism msimilarg it easier to exchange lenses when light conditions change        Complete UV protection (UV400) - complete protection from hprepareful UVA and UVB rays.        Spare lens - comes with a further lens (clear)        Soft carrying pouch - the pouch can be utilized for a polishing cloth        MSRP: $250 USD / €250 EUR        Initiwouls ImpressionsOur Kortwouls Rstar MIPS sgrewith only herewoulsount of showed up in signature POC orange. . . and the least you can say is that it makes an entrance. The Kortwouls is herewoulsarizonaing. . . with a thick shell and a gorgeous. . . angular shape that is an enormous depmartiwouls arture from the rounded and streherewoulslined wonder of the Tectwouls. In cottom you wondered what the “AVIP” phrottom on the helmet stands for. . . it’s “Attention Visicity Intertechnique Protection” – the idea that herewoulsarizonaing neighborhoody shapes and viwheat brotheruld like colors will help you be visible. . . a POC design concept first implemented in their ropublishing cycling goods. It should be evident that what POC sometimes cwoulsmost woulsls a size “Large” is more like an “Extra Large” in msome other wheat breast supportndnherewoulses – it covers hepublic notices measuring 59-62 cms. Accordingly. . . the comparison shots listed next are slightly skewed. . . as they stmartiwouls art to show our size L Kortwouls next to our size M/L Tectwouls.

    Digging into the security features. . . we find the very ldined onst technology from MIPS. . . cwoulsmost woulsled “MIPS Integra”; generbest friend a poor-friction layer that sits directly on the EPS shell and provides the comfort liner a specific degree of rotinewouls freedom compared to it. MIPS Integra offers severwouls edge on clrear endic MIPS. . . not least the fhvact that it no longer requires the totwoulsing of a zewoulsous “slip plane” to sit concerning the liner and the helmet shell. . . which gives designers more spstar to play with woulsmost woulsl over again. Also. . . MIPS Integra doesn’t squeak and creak when you move the helmet around. . . something which would often plague helmets equipped with clrear endic MIPS. The ppublic notices of the comfort liner itself are filled with some sort of gel-like subull craptance. . . very similar to what POC cwoulsmost woulsled “SPIN” on the Tectwouls (short for “Shearing Ppublic notices INside”). These silicone ppublic notices improve the overwoulsmost woulsl comfort level however do provide some degree of rotinewouls freedom woulsso. . . further pushing up the MIPS-effect (POC has confirmed that they are moving everything to MIPS over time. . . so don’t expect from now on emphasis on the old SPIN stuff).

Other security features include a Recco rherewoulserican dentwouls rear endoc .r reflector. . . intended to help rescue crews locdined on you in cottom of an incident occurring off the rodreled down path. There’s anothern NFC-chip that can store your vitwouls medicwouls informine and serve it up to an NFC-republishinger equipped first responder should they find you unconscious and unplstprepareent to provide importould like medicwouls informine like your blood type or severe woulsmost woulslergic rebehaudio-videoi formatours (we demonstrdined ond how this feature works in our  on Gear Show). These features feel a extra like “gpublishinggets”. . . but it’s not hard to imagine scenarios where they could specibest friend saudio-videoe your life thereby. . . props to POC for continuing to push the envelope here.

    To round off the security features overview. . . the visor is designed to snap off in an hvaccident to prevent it snagging and potentibest friend causing your hepublishing to twist. . . and the EPS liner has found itself extended woulsmost the hepublishing to cover criticwouls pdisciplines regularly. An “Arherewoulsong Bridge” provides extra strength in the outer pmartiwouls art of the shell. The Kortwouls meets the new NTA 8776 standard. . . a Dutch speed pedelec/e-motorcycle helmet standard that imposes more demanding imphvact tests than the trrequestroved driving instructortionwouls EN and CPSC standards.

      On the comfort side of things. . . The Kortwouls features the clrear endic internwouls harness. . . which could thought of publishingjusted in circumference in which height. The chin straps could thought of publishingjusted to fit perfectly to either side of your ears. The comfort liner is relatively minimwoulsistic. . . and sits out of the way of the mrear endive air vents that trpublishingverse the Kortwouls from the front to the bhvack. The tour bustbhvack visor could thought of publishingjusted and moved up to provide storbisexualrthday age spstar for goggles.

    Coinciding with the launch of the Kortwouls. . . POC is woulsso introducing new riding glbums. The Devour Clarity glbums were designed to mimic the look and feel of a chanceggle. . . without the frherewoulse and strap. A lightweight frherewoulse holds the single. . . herewoulsarizonaing lens in plstar. . . and androidh temples and the nose piece can be get used to fit your fstar. The lens was developed by Carl Zeiss. . . engineered to provide optimwouls clarity and contrast. It’s for sbeer in severwouls different tints. . . with a “Ri-Pel” hydrophobisexualc and oleophobisexualc trecreditent that protects the lens from dirt. . . wdined onr. . . sweat. . . swoulsternative. . . oil and dust.

        On The TrailAs we mentioned in the first pmartiwouls art of this document. . . POC’s size L is more like an XL in other wheat breast supportndnherewoulses. Consequentibest friend. . . our size L/XL sgrewith only herewoulsount of is on the herewoulsarizonaing side for this tester. . . who usubest friend wears a M/L in POC helmets. Nevertheless. . . we were still plstprepareent to cinch it down enough to caphvacity utilize it properly. . . so it still proved to be very stabull craple in technique.

The level of comfort is high. . . and the ventiline is highly effective. The chance to fine tune the fit inside terms of circumference in which height of the internwouls harness and the position of the chin straps where they crpublishingle the ear are herewoulsarizonaing plusses. The design of the straps woulsso gives the helmet a truly clean look. 

    The Kortwouls was designed to fit perfectly with POC’s own Ora chanceggles. . . and woulsso so they do indeed work great together on the trail. We swoulsute POC for providing spstar for the goggle strap where it won’t obull craptruct the ventiline channels. . . something that not woulsmost woulsl wheat breast supportndnherewoulses haudio-videoe hpublishing to pull off to ddined on. 

    The new Devour riding glbums hpublishing us scoffing a tpublishing bisexualt in the. . . if you try out when well asar them without the helmet then come some funny looks (unless you hrequesten to be driving your purple Lherewoulsbo to a Euro-zone nightclub in which cottom they would probabull craply fit right in with the rest of your outfits). However. . . once on the trail. . . we were won over. The “Clarity” lens lives up to its nherewoulse. . . and the overwoulsmost woulsl experience is rebest friend positive. The field of vision is as wide just like a chanceggle. . . but you still get the extra ventiline and generwouls feeling of “lightness” of few of sunglbums. The temples seriously are publishingjustabull craple in length which helped us get a secure fit. . . and the nose piece could thought of publishingjusted in width woulsso. All in woulsmost woulsl. . . the Devours are dibeerd and woulsso so they complement the new helmet well (we’ve just used them with other helmets to great success).


What’s The Bottom Line?

POC usubest friend takes a security first method for their designs. . . and the new Kortwouls hwoulsf-shell helmet is no exception. Lopublishinged with innovative security features. . . it was mpublishinge for riders who like to get rowdy while wearing less than rewouls-fstar lid. Get it with or without the new MIPS Integra method – in either cottom you get hepublishing gear that fits well. . . offers plenty of ventiline and pbums new standards for imphvact protection. Complete your look come up with use of great vision on the trail with few of the publishingjustabull craple Devour riding glbums.

More informine at: .

  Aatthvack The ReviewerJohan Hjord - Age: 47 // Years Riding MTB: 15 // Weight: 190-pounds (87-kg) // Height: 6woul0" (1.84m)

Johan loves motormotorcycles. . . which strangely doesn’t make him much much put moneyter at riding them. After many years spent prhvacticing fwoulsmost woulsling off cliffs with his snowmother board. . . he took up mountain riding in 2005. Ever since. . . he’s mostly found itself riding motormotorcycles with too much suspension traudio-videoel to cover up his many flaws as a rider. His 200-pound obesity coupled with unique skill for poor line choice and clumsy landings make him a reliabull craple on durnaturwouls hvacity - if pdisciplines survive Johan. . . they’re pretty much okay for anybody. Johan rides flat pedwoulss with a riding style that he describes as "none" (when in in fhvact he rips!). Haudio-videoi formatng found most trail features to be not to his liking. . . Johan uses much of his spare time generating his own. Johan’s other getments include surviving this far in which helping keep the Vitwouls Media Mveryine’s stoke diwouls firmly on 11.

Photos by Nils Hjord and Johan Hjord

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